Garcia’s Letter: A Big Fat Lie

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed there were not many postings done lately. This is because I have spent quite a bit of time in researching and the first result of these researches is now accomplished.

Luis Garcia made up accusations directed at Chairman of the Board RTC in a “letter” Garcia circulated which is featured on some web sites and considered as “gold” by some local squirrels. I have now confirmed that this letter is full of lies.

The biggest lie of all, which I have fully researched now is the following:



The following is a list of the names of 37 of the 50 staff members from St. Hill, the last Org LRH run himself, which you removed and declared”:

In other words Garcia is saying that those people that he listed following the above statement were ALL removed and DECLARED by David Miscavige.

Now as I said it took me a while to collect this data. I had to ask Scientologists and various staff members, research on the Internet etc. I looked into each one of the 37 names mentioned in Garcia’s letter and the conclusion is that this statement from Garcia is not just utterly false. It is complete and utter BS.

The truth is outstandingly different:

1) There is NO ONE of these people that was declared by COB. Actually at least 17 of them have never been declared by anyone!! There are only a handful verified as declared and NONE by COB.

2) There are several that were declared or left the Church when COB was either not even born or was a child.

3) There are some that were declared or expelled by LRH himself and finally there are many, probably the majorities that have never been declared and even several that are still in the Church or are staff members!!!! Continue reading


The Backincomm deception uncovered… again.

squirrel_park_animal_237045The motto of the backincomm blog and the justification for the illegal activity and attacks they have been engaged in appears to be based on the following line taken from the Church of Scientology Creed:

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

Now let’s look at this closer. It requires some word clearing.

OPINION: (Definition) “A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.”

ATTACK: (Definition) “To criticize strongly or in a hostile manner.”

LIE: (Definition) “A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.”

(Note: all the above taken from the Encarta Dictionary)


If we look at what the “backincomm” blog has been churning out we can see clearly that the  amount of “opinions” compared to the amount of “attacks” are about 1 to 20 (I am being generous).


“Scientologists are back in comm”. Now normally – and this is really some kind of “baby logic” – if one professes to be a “Scientologist” he doesn’t at the same time attack Scientologists or Scientology.

No reasonable human being would be able to understand this unless one is a real Scientologist who has studied Science of Survival, for here the above is explained very well by L. Ron Hubbard:

“At 1.1 truth receives her severest drubbing. For here, truth is confused, upset, used and twisted, hidden for fear somebody may make retaliation, until one understands that data from this level of the Tone Scale has only two purposes: to wreak the most harm upon others and secure the greatest safety for self. Here we have lies used to hide lies amid the most frantic protestations of honesty and a noisy advertising campaign about the ethics of the speaker. Beneath the facade of honor, honesty, ethics, and “one’s sacred word,” one is apt to find w writhing cesspool of vicious and malicious lies calculated to do the greatest possible harm.”

Now who are some of these “Scientologists” that are “back in comm”: Joe Van Staden.

Wait, wasn’t he the one that was removed from post by LRH in 1973 for crashing Scientology in South Africa? Yes indeed.

OK, get it? So I am glad that he is “back in comm” with the likes of Ryan Hogarth, Ernest Corbett, Gaye Corbett, Dani Lamburger & some other unknown entities. He will probably crash whatever squirrel group they plan to start from the get go!

But stay tuned because the above is only the beginning. The reason you have seen so few postings lately is because we have been busy, yes we have done extensive researches on one of the most infamous “letter” that squirrels proudly show off as the epitomy of “santity”. Well we have accumulated enough data and evidence to not just confute the data in that letter but shutter it to smithereens.

So stay tuned soon to appear on this blog.

Mike Rinder caught with his pants down!

burgular_robber_theif_clip_art_25000Recent postings on the never-in-comm led us to look at who is inspiring Ryan Hogarth for his pathetic postings and sure enough we found Mike Rinder which we usually ignore. This time however something caught our attention. On January 10, 2015 Mike Rinder announced to the world that Fred Haseney “declared independence”. OK, we could think with that since Fred Haseney aka Jeff Wells is not the type of person that anyone will miss but be that as it may, Rinder announced this as a NEW resignations when Steve Hall had him on his list of those who declared independence already in September 2014!  Oops…

A simple Google search revealed the following post on WWP:



Well we knew that Mike Rinder has a history of lying so that’s not a surprise either but this time he got caught with his pants down!

It looks like Rinder has stolen the idea to Hall and I wonder if Steve will fire off some copyright claim at Rinder…..

Ernie’s Visions

We have received the following article from Larry Byrnes which we gladly publish. 


Well, well, well – I see that the Squirrels in South Africa are continuing their confused propaganda attack on the very subject which they are pretending to deliver themselves.

But Ernie and Gaia and their “First Church of Corbitol’s” chief Legal/PR advisor – buffoon-in-chief, De Rien Von Hogwart, have at least admitted their agenda in attacking LRH, Scientology and Scientologists.

It seems that they want to get away with stealing LRH’s Trademarks and the Scientology Copyrights so that they can pretend to deliver the same spiritual technology that they are publically attacking.

Their justification is that some Russian and/or Swiss squirrel stole the materials so why can’t they use these stolen materials? Besides someone was apparently mean to the Swiss/Russian squirrels in trying to reform them which, of course makes it OK to wipe out the only spiritual technology capable of freeing mankind and reversing many millennia of slavery on this planet. Continue reading


shout_208764I found a perfect quote that explains what has been occurring in South Africa and perhaps also overseas as far as certain ex-members and squirrels that were critical of
the organizations and its staff when they were still members who then just  continued to slander and who cannot really find anything positive in Scientology and in the world at large anymore.

But why continue, here it is described perfectly by LRH in 1954:

“As any science which betters people gathers unto itself considerable numbers of people
who can dramatize only how bad it is over there. we get a great deal of crank, squirrel,
neurotic and psychotic communication flows. We have an incidental communication line, then, which does not at all help the public’s word-of-mouth communication from this entheta line.

We call this an entheta line simply because people use Scientology to explain to others
how bad it all is over there, how bad auditors are, how bad courses are, how bad Hubbard is, etc., etc. We even have publications which pretend to be part of Dianetics and Scientology which couldn’t possibly print anything but bad news. That there is not one word of truth in all this news so far detected by the most searching inspection here, that these rumors and perjurers and falsehoods haven’t even the dignity of a background of fact, does not stay their passage.” (PAB 37 The Communications Lines of Scientology) Continue reading

The one thing that the Mail & Guardian got it right

L Ron Hubbard house

This is just about the only thing that the Mail & Guardian got right about Scientology in South Africa. The rest is just a regurgitation of the crocodile tears we have exposed at the beginning of our journey meshed with some ludricous and unprofessional potpourri of tabloid stile journalism tweets.

In the meantime Scientologists are saving lives.

A Safari Turned Hugly

jeep_safari_africa_218030It is amazing how certain people can give a different color to things and make clear cut potential disasters look like “big wins”.

That is the case of the recent Safari that Ernest and Gaye Corbett embarked upon. If you read the last blog article from Gaye on October 9 she stated :

“When I read back at some of my writings, I think I may have given the impression that it was too rough but I think this was probably the best trip we have done.”

However on September the 3rd she had a totally different idea:

“The trip was probably the worst we have ever done in Africa.”

Why did Gaye think that this was the worst trip they had in Africa? This is fully explained, in her own words in the very blog item from September 3:

“Ken [Humphries] had been complaining that he felt he has a bladder infection and had been drinking a large amount of water to flush out the kidneys. He was having difficulty passing water. These men and their waterworks.”

…. Continue reading